Wise: having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment; responding sensibly or shrewdly to a particular situation
Understanding: an individual’s perception or judgment of a situation; sympathetic awareness or tolerance
Prudent: acting with or showing great care and thought for the future
My dear friends, these are some adjectives that the Word uses to describe characteristics of a wife who would be considered a gift from the Lord to a man. If those characteristics are desirable (and they are), I want them! If I already have a measure of them, I want more! I truly desire to be a blessing to my husband. I long to be described as wise, understanding, and prudent!
Pray this with me:
Dear Lord, please help me to be a wise, understanding and prudent wife. I need You to do this in me, please. I believe that I receive these characteristics in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
With love,