Welcome Private,

As your Marriage Battalion Leader, I congratulate you on signing up for this Online Marriage Boot Camp course. This is going to be a tough class. One that will be rewarding if you stand strong and fight to the end.

During this course  you can expect to leave behind old habits, old ideas, and pride. You will learn every decision has consequences, good and bad, and everything, no matter how small, needs attention.  You will learn that you don’t leave your partner behind, no matter how big the struggle.

Benefits of this class include:

  • Weekly hour-long call (chat room included) with Cherie & up to 20 other participants
  • Walk through marriage boot camp curriculum over six weeks
  • Encouragement with specific action steps that tie into our weekly curriculum topics
  • Scriptural references providing counseling and healing
  • Accountability for forward movement in your marriage via a closed Forum
  • Prayer support from Cherie & other participants in the group
  • Opportunity to participate in individual marriage coaching at reduced rate with Cherie
  • A short weekly email catching you up on that week’s topic, scriptures and action steps

If you succeed (I am here to make sure you do)  you can expect to graduate with new habits, new confidence, and the motivation needed to apply the Biblical principles God has given you to follow.