You love your husband but the challenges continue to come and you just want the madness to stop. And you’re ready for that to change.

But what if you could learn new tools – and start leveraging them to deepen your relationship with God and your husband?

What if you could harness the power of God’s word and His principles to challenge yourself and your marriage and begin to thrive in both?

What if you weren’t limited by your income but could instead grow within a community of other wives who desire the same type of changes you do in your marriage?

What if you could build a marriage that would bring your joy and peace in every area?

The bottom line? You’re ready for GROWTH but you don’t know how to make it happen without running yourself ragged or giving up?

Meet Cherie

Meet Cherie

Hi there! I’m Cherie Zack, and I teach wives who are in crises how to save their marriage and wives who want to move from a place of struggle to a place of thriving. If you’re a wife who is ready to have more ease and freedom in your life without sacrificing your sound mind, I’m your girl! I’m tenacious and don’t give up on my clients. I will teach you how to take the trials in your marriage and grow through them and even thrive in the midst of storms so you can enjoy your marriage once more.

And how do I know this is possible for you? Well, I’ve done it for myself! Over the last twenty year’s God has transformed my divorce ridden relationship into a thriving marriage. Our success is largely due to the conflict in my walk with God and learning why my flesh had so much power over me. With 50% of first marriages ending in divorce and 76% of second marriages doing the same I know there’s an audience for the counseling and coaching I do. And I can teach you how to thrive in your marriage instead of becoming one of theses statistics.

The years I fought for our marriage were so hard for us. We were both trying but kept losing the battle until I learned to “be still and know that God is God.” I’m here to help you grow and enjoy a marriage that is full of joy and freedom.

I’d like to introduce you to my Wife Coach Inner Circle. For $24.99 a month  {YES!! That’s ALL and no strings attached} you can receive my years of experience in counseling and teaching wives how to not only save their marriage but THRIVE in it.

What Can You Expect Each Month?


Master Class Training

Each month, I will present a master class on a particular topic that’s relevant to your growth and marriage. You’ll hear first-hand mistakes and gained knowledge and learn the Biblical principles that will challenge your heart and change your life.

Group Q&A Calls

Get your personal questions answered LIVE on our monthly group calls! No marriage topic is off limits here. You’ll get my direct feedback on your most pressing questions.

Monthly Mentoring

Each and every month we will meet together via LIVE in our group to talk about the monthly master mind topic. God not only changed me, He changed my marriage and this can happen to you, too. But it requires a STRATEGY that I’m giving you inside the Inner Circle!


Come find your place among like minded like hearted women just like you. We are better together, and having a support system is key to thriving in your marriage. Our Community of women is so much more than this. You will find support on a deeper level that includes a powerful time in prayer every week for your marriage and other things that concern you. 


Each month you’ll get homework designed to take your learning to the next level, bonus resources, and an Action Item to help you move forward in your progress.

Inner Circle FAQ’s

What makes this different from coaching with Cherie one-on-one?

Community! The Inner Circle includes women from every stage and season of life who have made many mistakes and gained great wisdom from them.  Cherie will be coaching with in the group and answering your questions. The great value is the wisdom that comes from the group overall.

Do you have to be a wife in crisis to join?

This is for every wife no matter what season you are in.

Do I need to be married to join?

Not at all. Anyone not matter your age, married, un-married or approaching marriage is perfect for this group. 🙂

Is this group for women only?

Yes! Though we love our husbands and husbands to be, this is for women only.

Do I have to attend all the workshops?

All of the workshops will be recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience. Joining the Live calls does, however, give you the opportunity to engage! And we want you to jump right in.

Do I have to be a member of the Facebook group?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to join our Facebook group so that you don’t miss out on the weekly workshop and the community that you’ll find inside and the opportunity to ask and get your questions answered by Cherie and the women growing alongside of you.

Can I be an affiliate for the Inner Circle?

We are not accepting affiliates at this time but we might in the future. Check back often to see if we have updated this question.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes! Quit anytime, but keep in mind you’ll need to give us 48 hours before your payment renewal processes to cancel your membership.