State and local groups are opening every where. Our local groups create a safe place for wives to stay connected, supported and encouraged. We currently have women meeting monthly, by monthly, and weekly across the Untied States and over seas in homes, churches, restaurants, and more. We are honored you have decided to join our team.



This is what one of our group attendees shared recently…..

I find that when I meet with my local group on a regular bases they hold me accountable to God and my husband and I experience more victories than failures. I recently stopped going to my group for a while. I thought I had it together and no longer needed them.  Unfortunately, I found it was easier to make wrong choices and fall further away from God and my marriage. I realized my local group is one of the most valuable tools that is available to me concerning my marriage and my personal walk with God and I am committed to connecting with them on a regular bases from now on. – Michelle S.

Is God calling you to lead a local group? Fill out the registration below and lets get you started.  Once your information is received we will call to set up your group and get you started.