One of our Praying Wives posted this on our FB Group… Her thought ministered to me and I sent it out to our group. Not long after it hit I received a response that I want to share. Below you will see the post and response.

Post: Wives, are you running on an empty tank? HIS OUTSTRETCHED ARM is dripping peace, unconditional love, strength, healing…etc. Open up…JESUS IS HEALING…BREATHE HIM IN…

Annelie Mulder

Response: I just want to share my “How great is our God” story this morning! I made a pretty bad stupid banking error, and it cost me. (literally) I got the call from the bank yesterday. After a day of stress and phone calls that didn’t really get me anywhere, I just gave it all to God. “It’s just $” and my relationship with HIM is far more important, and my stress, worry, anxiety was leading me away. This all started with MY mistake and the enemy managed to sneak in and find a way for me to put it on my prodigal husband and hence started bitterness in my heart over something my husband had nothing to do with! Went to God, gave it all to HIM. Next day (today) My boss asks if I am in need of an advance. SEE! Let go & Let GOD!


Thank you anonymous for letting me use your testimony!!

Cherie ♥