Do you have any friends that have already begun their Christmas shopping?

I do.
Crazy – it is only July!

Needless to say, I have yet to begin my Christmas shopping.  I usually begin in the late fall and wrap it up the week of Christmas!

“Christmas in July” has been a popular theme in the world of internet shops and sites…many are offering “greatly reduced prices” and other incentives to entice shoppers.
It is only 158 days until Christmas.

All this early talk of Christmas, did, however, spur some thoughts as to what my husband would like from me. 

Why wait for Christmas when it is July and I could celebrate “Christmas in July?”

I decided to make a list of what my husband would appreciate from me, his wife.

I am convinced that one of his love languages is give gift giving.

What better way to fill up his “love tank” than to come up with a list of gifts for him.

Then, to follow through, and actually give the gifts to him.

Ah, there is the challenge.  {Follow through is not my strong suit as far as gift giving.}

My desire is to give him gifts that will bless him and our marriage.

Oh, I like giving a gift that lets me share in the fun and the blessing of the gift with the one who receives it!

But what could I give him?

More thought and prayer.

Then I came across this verse in Psalm 18:1,

I will love You, O Lord, my strength.

Some days I have it right.

My priorities are in balance.  My relationships are in the right order (Jesus, my husband, my kids, others and self).

Other days, I get it jumbled.  The demands of the kids and the busyness of life get priority over the Lord and the love He desires from me.

This verse is not very wordy but very powerful for me as a wife. 

If I focus on building my love relationship with the Lord, then I have the strength I need to love my husband in ways that have meaning and depth for him (and then it is true that I can love my kids, others and even have time for myself!).

So the first gift on my “list” of gifts for my husband is to Love Jesus

The world would tell me to take care of my needs and wants first.  Then, make sure you wear yourself out loving your husband, your children and others.

God’s Word says different:

Love God.  Get Strength.  A good start to a list of gifts for my husband. 

Grab your paper, ladies, and let the gift ideas flow for your husband:

 1.  I will love the Lord….He is my strength….