9-16-2014 8-23-07 AMA few years ago I read a quote, “Joy is a choice.”  It’s a simple but powerful statement to measure not only my attitude but my heart.  It keeps my heart centered on WHO matters in my life Christ, so joy will be the result.

Yet, what’s been stealing my joy is trying to be “the perfect wife” “perfect mother” and it’s even trying to be perfect child in the eyes of God. As a result I am completely tired, frustrated, and need to sit at the feet of Jesus.

Sitting at the feet of Jesus puts everything back into perspective-it’s all about loving Him! 

Martha OPENED her home to Jesus, but not her heart. (Luke 11:38)  Martha’s focus was on making the perfect preparations for the meal instead of feasting on the bread of life.  Martha wasn’t wrong for desiring to make a nice meal or a clean place to entertain her guests.  Yet, her heart was so focused on impressing Jesus with a meal, properly folded napkins; she forgot Jesus was in the room.

It’s not easy to keep the joy in our heart with a million of errands, children needing our attention, and our husband waiting for a moment to kiss us.  What’s going to return the joy back into our lives and our marriage; sitting at the feet of Jesus.  We fret, worried about many things but only ONE THING is need to change the burdened heart.  It’s time to lay ourselves humbly before God to remove the yoke of trying to be “perfect” instead to being loving.  It’s alright; we don’t have to be perfect!  Perfection steals joy but perspective on Jesus keeps it centered. 

Building strong marriages together,

Tina Wetor