For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to write.

A seemingly ideal solution for a child who far to often seemed to wear out those around her with incessant talking.

And as an adult, things haven’t changed much. Or really at all.

I love to write, often times jotting notes on scrap pieces of paper, words that would seem to make a great story or point to His glory.

Words that for far to long, have been a jumble in my mind, now get a chance to dance across crisp, clean pages, bringing them to life.

Technically, (and please know I use this word very loosely) I’ve already published a book.

Yep, a terrific second grade assignment.

We were paired in groups, each one of us being given a specific task geared towards writing/editing/publishing/creating art for, the production of our book.

As you can guess, I was given the task of writing. I’m really not sure how that came about. I’m guessing in my 2nd grade obnoxious “me, me, pick me” complete with the waving of the hand & bouncing in the seat, my teacher probably had no other choice but to relent to my heartfelt pleadings.

Our work was completed and our bound children’s books were placed in our public library. What a huge sense of accomplishment and pride for a second grader!

And as I sit here typing my first Imperfect Wives post, I’m humbled. Oh, so humbled.

My second grade pride is so far out the window as I embrace that I am a truly imperfect wife. So imperfect that I fight tears as I think of all my faults and failings.

But here’s the thing: we serve such an amazing God who loves us so much, He doesn’t allow the story to stop there.

You see, if our marriages are to be a reflection of Christ’s love for the church, the story can’t stop there.

As we are learning, praying, growing, failing, leaning, forgiving & loving, He is there.

All the time.

When we don’t understand, when we struggle to believe in faith, when restoration seems impossible, He is there. All the time.

As we hear of marriages being restored, forgiveness taking place, hearts being healed, He is there. All the time.

So won’t you embrace your imperfections along with the Lord’s faithfulness and let’s walk this journey out together. Because He is there. All the time.


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