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While we are bustling through our Christmas shopping and party lists, there are some who are waiting, aching for an extraordinary miracle.

Meet my beautiful friend, Joanne Heim. She is recovering from a devastating stroke. On January 11, 2011 her life of being a Simple Wife (her blog), a homeschool mom, a seminary student, and so much more drastically changed.

God has been with Joanne and her family every step of every day. He knew in advance what life would be like for her today and He has been supplying, shepherding, and doing every God thing we can’t begin to imagine that He does.

Is there more God could do?

I believe the answer to that is YES! He has all the wealth of heaven for Joanne and the Heim family. And He chooses to partner with us to release blessings, healing, favor, miracles of all sorts. It is His choice to involve us, and it our choice to be involved.


Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power
at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. 
Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus
through all generations forever and ever! Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21

His power works within us to accomplish the things we cannot begin to dream are possible.  I believe if I can imagine He can cause Joanne to be completely pain and depression free – then I believe He can do MORE than that. If I can imagine Joanne teaching seminary, He can do more than that. If I can imagine Toben, her husband, finding the perfect job allowing Him to delight in his work while being the incredible dad, husband and caregiver he is, then God can do even MORE.

If you read Joanne’s latest blog post, you will see their family hosting a hillside of needs. But you and I can hold up our little loaves and fish to the King of Kings and invite Him to do MORE than we can ask or imagine with it for them.

Please Pray!

Join the It’s a Pleasure to Pray – 24/7 Prayer Team for Joanne and the Heim Family. You (and your family or small group) can choose a short 15 minute time block to invite God to pour out all that He has waiting for them. Ask Him about your loaves and fish. What can you contribute (a note of encouragement, your hope, your faith that God heals, your $5 mocha latte money)? To contribute financially click here.

Sign up here to join the prayer team. The link takes you to a spreadsheet with tabs for each day and rows for each 15 minute time slot. Consider this a Central Time Zone calendar. Put only your first or last name or initials. And be sure to document your time slot on your calendar!

Invite as many people as you know would like to pray. Let’s storm heaven together!

Jennifer will post updates or encouragement from our joint Prayer Mission at