October 7, 1995.  It was a beautiful, crisp day in Newport News, Virginia. Joy, excitement, and anticipation laced the air.  My friend Diane and I had just been shopping to buy me a new outfit for an evening event later today. My heart was beating and my mind was fluttering with wild imagination as I contemplated my love’s invitation.

“Meet me at the front door at 5:00 tonight!  I Love You!  Bill”

This was all the card said.  I looked for clues of more details. I am a curious cat after all.  The back was empty.  I had to be content with this, though it was hard. I thought, “It’s not our anniversary? What could he possibly have planned?”

He had asked my sweet friend Diane to take me shopping while he was at work.  We found a beautiful cream and peach outfit that fit perfectly. I felt like a princess as I tried it on and wondered if Bill would like this on me.

I looked at the time and realized I had to get in the shower and dress, for my Love would be waiting for me in just two hours. My heart leaped at the mystery of it all. What was he planning?

Dressed and ready, I checked the mirror once more. Bill is so open about things. He’s not good at keeping secrets, so why was he being so secretive now? My heart leaped with anticipation once again.

It’s 5:00 pm. My heart races as I took a deep breath to calm my self and open the door.

There was man standing there, wearing a black top hat and suit. Behind him was a long black limo. The door opened and my beloved walked out with love on his face, inviting me to join him. I felt like Cinderella.

The limo ride was amazing. I could not get my eyes off Bill. He looked amazing; so strong and yet so inviting.

We headed to downtown Norfolk and pulled up to a sweet French restaurant.  He guided me in with his hand on my lower back.  As the doors opened we were greeted with the most beautiful scene. White table cloths covered the tables. There was an exquisite fireplace on the back wall that set the stage for romance. The maitre d’ greeted us with a tour. He knew my name.

My eyes found a table, right in the middle. It had 12 red roses perched beautifully in their vase. The linens were romantic and welcoming.  This table was center stage as no other table was dressed in the same way.

Realizing this was the center piece of the restaurant, I whispered to myself, “Oh how I wish this could be our table.”

The maitre d’ guided us through the restaurant to show us the beauty of the bones of the building and the fabrics that lined the windows. Reds and deep greens popped off the white in the room. My eyes took in every detail as my heart continued to beat fast.

He then brought us back to where we started and walked us to our table. I caught my breath as I realized the table he took us to, the one with the 12 red roses in the center, it had my name on it!

I look at Bill and he simply said, “Happy Dating Anniversary, Honey!”

Our dating anniversary! Wow!! He remembered!!

He brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me is love.”

                                          Song of Solomon 2:4

Song of Solomon reminds me of Bill and his love for me.

I fell in love with him all over again at that very moment. Not just because he had planned a evening that was so beautiful and touched the areas that I love, but because he remembered the day of our first date and was very intentional in all that he did!

What date has your husband {or you} put together that caused your heart to fall in love again? Maybe your date is not quite as Cinderella as mine. It is still special. I find that all of our dates are special.

How long has it been since you have read Song of Solomon? Did you know this book is full of rich ideas for date nights?

Would you share your story here? I would so love to hear it!



photo credit: Pinterest