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Are you ready to give up on your marriage?  Do you struggle to love your husband because of hurt?  Do you need practical ways to help communicate love to him and others in your life?

The 16 Day Love Challenge will take
you deep into God’s Word and challenge you to:

Love at a deeper level than you ever have before!
– See your husband and others the way God sees them.
– Fight the way God designed you to for your relationships.
– Let go of un-forgiveness and live in freedom!
– and so much more….

Join so many others who have taken this challenge and let God grow you in the way you understand, communicate, and live out love.  You, too, can begin to match your words and actions.  Learn to walk the way of love as we journey through 1 Corinthians 13 together!


Cherie and Rebecca bring a beautiful, refreshing, perspective to the Love chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. You will see LOVE like you’ve never seen it before! This study will change the hearts of women everywhere!  ~Karen M. Jantzi, CPLC Founder & Executive Director, TREASURED WOMAN LLC



“I have gone through this challenge twice and it has changed me and my marriage. Is there anything more important than love in your marriage? Cherie and Rebecca walk you through 1 Cor. 13:4-8 verse by verse and challenge you to love Biblically. They offer real life transparency reflected in the name of their ministry The Imperfect Wives. I cannot wait to go through this challenge again with a small group of women. I will use this book over and over again to challenge myself to love at the highest level possible.” -Deborah S, Illinois


“I walked bravely through the Facebook Women’s Bible study that became this amazing book! I can say that I got amazingly more than I bargained for! Not only did I meet some amazing women doing it, but we all came to find out that being “loving” meant more than we thought! We found that this study challenged our hearts in ways we never dreamed of. This is a GREAT book to do with a few ladies over a cup of tea or coffee..or online with some friends through Facebook. And, it’s flexible enough that you can turn it into a 16 WEEK challenge if you want to go deeper! Jesus said that loving well was the mark of being His follower. This book will challenge you to go deeper into giving divine love and will help you find out how deep God’s love is for you as well.Enjoy the challenge of LOVE!!”  -Lynn M, Ridgway VA


Girlfriends Coffee Hour: November 4th

You can also join the ladies at Girlfriends Coffee Hour  November 4th to walk through the 16 Day Love Challenge with them. The ladies will be walking through a chapter a day for 16 days. Click here join them. Cherie will be joining the writing team during the study as well. You can catch her each Monday on the Girlfriends Coffee Hour blog on Mondays during the study. Click Here to join her.