7-21-2014 8-17-59 AMJesus said, “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”  Well, my husband was speaking volumes to me as we quietly laid in bed.  As I heard the words of my husband, my heart was broken for my husband.  Frustrated about his job, worried about finances, and desiring to fulfill God’s will, but God is silent.  Desperately Ryan desired to hear God speak to him, so he could lead this family.  As we discussed different options about our future, it was weighing heavy upon his heart.

What words of comfort could I bring?  What word could I say?

Ryan wanted God to speak to him, so I prayed for him.    Yet, as we cuddled in bed, I wasn’t just hearing his heart-beat, I heard his heart.

Sometimes, as wives we need to learn to be silent and allow our husband the opportunity to speak from their heart; without judgment, nagging, or complaints just hearing our husbands who are the priests of the home.  It doesn’t mean wives can’t voice their concerns or ideas, but we must understand the final decision is rested upon our husbands.  So, what if we disagree about an issue, we pray until the Spirit of God speaks.  Keep in mind, the Spirit of God will never divide the body or a marriage, He will reveal God’s plan.  Shortly after graduation, I was applying for my first youth pastoral position.  My husband allowed me to apply for it, but we disagreed about what would the outcome, we were at odds for several reasons.  We just bought a new house, I was seven months pregnant, and we had stable jobs with good benefits.  During the process of sending my information, I was confident about getting the position; I had perfect peace.  On the other hand, my husband hadn’t heard from the Lord and was refusing to make a decision until he did.  (It was wise)  While folding laundry we discussed it but we were at odds or fighting about what to do.  The Spirit of God spoke to me, “Tina, I will speak to him tonight at church but keep this to yourself.”  Well, I humbly confess I wasn’t obedient to the Spirit at that moment, I blurted out what the Spirit said in the heat of the argument.

As we entered the house of God for evening service we were divided, angry, and desiring God’s will above all.  As the altar call was made, I didn’t pray with my husband.  I went to the other side of the church to intercede for God to speak to us.  Also, I asked the Spirit to check my spirit when we told my husband.  As I continued to pray, I felt a check in my Spirit and I looked over at my husband.  It was a beautiful moment of surrender, peace, and confirmations of God’s will BECAUSE GOD SPOKE.  As Ryan’s hands were lifted in worship, tears streaming down his face, and confirmations of God’s will was spoken, we could rest.  After the prayer service was over, my husband joined his hand with mine.  I said, “God spoke to your heart.”  Ryan responded, “Yes, He did.  I hate it when you are right, we are moving.”

How do we pray for our husbands?

We pray for God’s voice to be clear, so they hear it!  We don’t manipulate the decision or force it upon them, we allow the Spirit of God to move.  No decision in the home should divide a couple if their hearts are focused on God.  If God is the center of the home, He is the anchor who will hold it.

Building strong marriages together,

Tina Wetor