Are you plugged in?
Sometimes the demands of daily life seem to drain my energy. When that happens, I find myself distracted, discouraged, and frustrated. Unfortunately, my husband is often on the receiving end of those negative emotions.
That’s never a good thing.
In fact, it often leads to an argument or, at the very least, a strain in the atmosphere in our home.
When this happens, usually the Holy Spirit gently reminds me that I haven’t been “plugged in” to God, either by neglecting my time in His word or time in prayer.
One of the passages that He has used to remind me that I need to stay “plugged in” is Colossians 1:9-14:

I added that emphasis on the word power to draw your attention to it.
Often, I feel powerless. In and of myself, I can do a little, but nothing compared to when I’m “plugged in.”
If you find yourself without power, check the power cord! Get your Bible out. Spend some time in His word, fellowshipping with Him. He can get us “powered up” in just a short time, equipped to gracefully handle the challenges and opportunities before us!
Praying for all of us!